Within Light Nelson, there are three main bodies to govern, manage and organise different segments of the event:

The Collective – is the creative driving force behind Light Nelson; This is the engine room. It is a collection of people with varied backgrounds including artists, technicians etc. The Collective is a supportive and collaborative environment designed to foster creativity and education. The collective has developed into a creative resource that has been increasingly involved in other events, activities and projects outside Light Nelson.

light nelson overview 2015

The Light Nelson Charitable Trust – is responsible for the overall delivery and management of the Light Nelson event including finding and allocating sponsors, contracts for artists and other contractors required for the projects including health and safety requirements.

Selection Committee – is appointed by The Light Nelson Trust Board and may include representatives from other cultural institutions or other co-opted members as agreed but can't include those intending to submit work. The role of the Selection Committee is to select works for the Light Nelson event and to make recommendations to the Light Nelson Trust Board. The Selection Committee assigns projects to specific project sites within available venues and also recommends projects to the Trust for allocation of funds and the handling of installations.