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The Light Nelson Collective was formed in 2012 with the aim of bringing people together to collaborate on art projects and to provide an opportunity for the cross pollination of ideas and skills.

The collective has attracted a wide range of people. Terry and Chris (shown here) for example have been involved in Light Nelson from the early days and while they haven't had their own projects in Light Nelson they have always been very happy to contributed their knowledge and experience to the collective and help other people with their projects.

Tonight is the first evening collective meeting of 2017. There is no particular agenda, just an opportunity to catch up, talk about projects, ideas, upcoming events and workshop opportunities.

The collective meets on Tuesdays each week for coffee at 10am at Community Art Works (old Hunting and Fishing building, 81 Achilles Ave.) except for the first Tuesday of the month (which today is), when we meet at 7:30pm in the evening.

We all have something to contribute so don't just stand on the sidelines, why not get involved?

If you'd like to keep up to date with the collective, you can join the Facebook Group:


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Now that the projects for the 2016 event have been selected the collective got together last week to discuss issues and find out more about the projects. There some great sounding installations in this year's event and lots of collaboration going on.

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With the final stage of the 2016 Light Nelson project submissions due in on Friday, yesterday the collective took the opertunity to discuss project proposals; What makes a good proposal both in the context of Light Nelson and also in the wider context,when submitting to Creative New Zealand for example.

Lloyd Harwood came along from the Arts Council to give us his tips and Caroline Marshall from the Light Nelson trust and selection committee provided a Light Nelson context and answered questions relating to the Light Nelson submission process.