Light Nelson 2016 Dates

Earlier this week, the Light Nelson Trust held a workshop to discuss many aspects of Light Nelson, including the format and timing of the main event next year.

At the workshop it was decided to bring the event forward to the beginning of the holidays which would make it easier for Light Nelson to partner with NMIT and include the students projects in the event. Additionally it will hopefully be easier for people to plan their holidays and perhaps stay in town for a few days before going skiing etc. and not miss out on the event.

The other major change is that the event will run for longer. The main event will now also include the Monday and Tuesday (so 5 nights in total). This will allow visitor numbers to be spread out over more days and will also give us a better buffer if we have particularly bad weather on one or two of the nights.

*** The dates for the next event are therefore 8th-12th July 2016 ***

With not much over a year to go before the event, if you've been thinking about getting involved in Light Nelson in some way now is a great time. The best way to do that is by joining the Light Nelson Collective. The Collective is the creative force behind Light Nelson and has been formed by people dedicated to sharing ideas and providing support and educational opportunities.

The collective has a Facebook group page at If you'd like to be on the collective mailing list, just send an email to