Christmas Project

plan small

As a creative resource, while the main Light Nelson event is obviously still our main focus (did you submit a project for next year?), The Collective has increasingly been involved in a wider range of projects including the Tahunanui Sculpture Walk, The Breath Project and the recent Arcade for example.

We now have a great opportunity to get involved in a project for the top of Trafalgar St. (and perhaps wider afield) for Christmas. The project is being led by Mike Ward, has a significant budget from the council but a very short time frame (must be in place by the 1st December). Initially Mike is looking for people who can help create banners that will be hung in the street and around trees etc., but it sounds like there will be a wide range of opportunities for people get involved, but that will largely depend on what we can bring to the table (including hopefully a light component).

If you can commit some time to this and/or you want to help brainstorm some ideas please come along on Wednesday 18th at Community Art Works from 5:30pm when Mike can explain more about the project.

If we can show that the Collective is a useful, trusted resource that can help on a range of projects then this is likely to open up other opportunities in the future.Note that we also have our usual coffee morning from 10am tomorrow (Tuesday) at Community Art Works if you'd like to catch up then.