Light Nelson Event 2018 - Over

IMG 4914 300It was with a touch of sadness that we turned the clock tower lights off and we watched the banner come down from the side of the building. But while it may be two years before we have the big event again, Light Nelson continues and the Light Nelson Collective will carry on bringing people together to share ideas and skills, and you never know, you might see some smaller projects pop up in the mean time... so watch this space :-)

Oh, and if you're thinking of getting involved, why not join the Collective, it's open to everybody.

Art is in the fabric of our city and Light Nelson offers the opportunity for everybody get involved.

Becoming part of the Light Nelson Collective is as simple as signing up for our mailing list and/or our Facebook group.

Community Art Works has evolved into a fitting home of Light Nelson and each Tuesday morning there is the opportunity to catch up there for coffee from 10am. We also hold regular meetups, normally on the first Tuesday of the month, as well as other ad-hock meetups and social events. Why not join us?