Good Things Happen when we Work Together

Jamie first became involved in Light Nelson when he was just 11, helping Lori with the 'I'm going Bat's' project. Two years later Jamie became the youngest Light Nelson artist when he created a paddle boat for the 2016 event.
Shortly after, Jamie wrote the programming sequence and helped assemble Anthony Genet's St Elmos fire sculpture exhibited at Lux in Wellington. Jamie has continued to work with Anthony over the years, helping to create the control circuits for the 'Cathy Wheel' neon artwork for the 2018 event, and then more recently the "Guiding Star" artwork that adorned the cathedral at Christmas.
Under Anthony's guidance, and with help from the wider Collective, Jamie, now 17, has continued to develop and learn new skills, now working with glass for his project for the 2020 event.

"I just gave Jamie the tools to work with and as the capable young man that he is he took the opportunity and made the most of it." Anthony said.

Jamie Anthony Glass work