A visit to Queens Gardens in July will reveal three giant moas, each towering over four metres in height, lit within and softly glowing by night. These are the creations of Fleur Stewart, who has spent the last five months designing and constructing the moas in preparation for Light Nelson 2016, which runs over the weekend of July 8 to 12.

Resurrection started with an idea about bringing the moa back to life, then evolved as a fairly intuitive process.

"For me, it's always a process of "I want to make some moas", so I just start," Stewart says. "I know there will always be some engineering issues to sort out but I do that along the way."

Full Stuff Article - 26 May 2016

Submissions for Light Nelson 2016 have now closed with almost twice as many project ideas received compared to last year !

Thank you to everybody that has put in a submission. You should by now have received confirmation of your entry (please let us know if you haven't).

The selection committee now begins the difficult but exciting task of curating the event and selecting the projects for Light Nelson 2016. If you have a project idea but you missed the deadline, feel free to submit it anyway - there may end up being an opportunity that the project is just right for or it could be something for Light Nelson 2018.

Light Nelson is a walk in the dark and a celebration of light.

The event will be primarily located in the Queen’s gardens and NMIT campus and the immediate surrounds.

Light Nelson reflects the artistic strengths and spirit of the Nelson community. It brings together technology, art, science and fantasy in the darkness of winter and installations offer a multi sensory experience celebrating light. Important elements are the use of new technology, environmental sustainability, delight, illusion, interaction and movement. The installation is not simply a lit form but must convey essential qualities of light.

In 2016 we are looking for both large and small scale installations. Successful projects shall utilise light, be achievable, fit for purpose and meet the aims of Light Nelson as outlined above.

The Light Nelson artist selection panel shall consider all submissions received. Selection will be based on design and relevance to the site. The draft budget will also be taken into consideration. Installation proposals should be durable and secure, at least for the duration of the five day event. Technical, and some financial support will be available.

We encourage installations that utilise new or alternative technologies (eg. solar power).

We encourage performance and collaborative projects; also those which involve community development and have social and/or educational outcomes.

The selected artists will be responsible for construction and installation of the artwork. We can provide advice regarding resource or building consents where appropriate. If engineering specifications are required these costs should be included in the proposed budget. Health and safety aspects should also be considered.

The selection process for projects for Light Nelson 2016 involves several steps.

1. Artist/s to complete the attached Proposal for Light Nelson 2016 Form in detail.

These will be considered by the Light Nelson artist selection panel and either gain provisional approval or be rejected.

2. Artist/s with provisional approval will then be asked to complete the Final Selection Form and to provide more detailed project information.

A decision will then be made to decide which projects will be accepted for inclusion.

3. Artist/s included in the Festival will be asked to sign a contract with Light Nelson.

Light Nelson is now calling for Proposals for Light Nelson 2016 and these may be submitted from 1st September 2015 onwards.

All applications must be in by 30th November 2015, 5pm.

Please deliver applications to: Brian Riley, Arthouse Architecture, 3 Haven Road, Nelson.

Or email application to the address below: Caroline Marshall, carolinemarshall@lightnelson.org.nz

Earlier this week, the Light Nelson Trust held a workshop to discuss many aspects of Light Nelson, including the format and timing of the main event next year.

At the workshop it was decided to bring the event forward to the beginning of the holidays which would make it easier for Light Nelson to partner with NMIT and include the students projects in the event. Additionally it will hopefully be easier for people to plan their holidays and perhaps stay in town for a few days before going skiing etc. and not miss out on the event.

The other major change is that the event will run for longer. The main event will now also include the Monday and Tuesday (so 5 nights in total). This will allow visitor numbers to be spread out over more days and will also give us a better buffer if we have particularly bad weather on one or two of the nights.

*** The dates for the next event are therefore 8th-12th July 2016 ***

With not much over a year to go before the event, if you've been thinking about getting involved in Light Nelson in some way now is a great time. The best way to do that is by joining the Light Nelson Collective. The Collective is the creative force behind Light Nelson and has been formed by people dedicated to sharing ideas and providing support and educational opportunities.

The collective has a Facebook group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lightnelsoncollective/. If you'd like to be on the collective mailing list, just send an email to lightnelson@lightnelson.org.nz.

long term planThe Consultation Document for Nelson’s Long Term Plan 2015-2025 titled ”An even better place to live PLANNING NELSON’S LONG TERM FUTURE” is now open for submissions. The document outlines many aspects of how Nelson City Council proposes to manage the city for the next 10 years. Light Nelson is listed in the document (Pg 21) as a new line of expenditure for $150,000 per event for 5 biannual events.

This very significant contribution signalled by NCC, will give confidence to the Light Nelson Trust, who will need to raise a similar amount to produce the next event in 2016. Our fundraising team are working hard behind the scenes to do this and to date the response is very positive.

The budget increase is required to grow the event - spread the event over more days, over a greater area of the city. The impact of large crowds on the Queens Gardens is not sustainable. Safety, security, management, equipment hire, support of artists to produce light installations of varying scale are all required to enable the event happen on a larger scale.

Your submission matters

We need to attract submissions in support of Nelson City Council’s support of Light Nelson from a variety of angles so we can demonstrate it is valued by the community.Please do what you can to ensure this event can happen and realise its full potential, delivering multiple benefits for the city, by making a simple submission.

The document can be picked up at the Nelson City Council Service Centre in Trafalgar Street or online by going to the submission page on the NCC website. There are clear instructions on how to make a submission and a simple form to use in the last three pages of the document.

Public Consultation runs to midday Tuesday 28th of April.

Submissions can be made online or by delivering submissions to Nelson City Council by the deadline.