A Pixie Trail

Artists: Enfys Bellamy

‘Sssshhhhhh....’ you have stumbled upon the magical pixie grove of tiny clothes, dragon flies & more. Be still & listen. The art installation is intended to connect with the child within us all, regardless of age, and plays with humour, lightness & joy.

Blue Lotus

Artists: Ben Clegg and Enfys Bellamy

The lotus has long been regarded as sacred by many of the world’s religions, especially in India and Egypt, where it is held to be a symbol of the Universe itself.  Rooted in the mud, the lotus rises to blossom clean and bright, symbolizing purity and resurrection. The leaves and flowers are borne high above the water.  It is often compared to the enlightened being who emerges undefiled from the chaos and confusion of the world. 

In India, the Hindus hold the lotus seed to be especially sacred because the seed contains perfectly formed leaves, providing a complete template for the adult plant. This is believed to be Divine form passing from the abstract into tangible reality.  The eight- petaled lotus used in Buddhist mandalas speaks to cosmic harmony.

Creatures in the Dark

Artist: John-Paul Pochin



This project celebrates the unconstrained imagination of young children. It involves animating their drawings and projecting them onto a surface using an animation laser unit. The simplicity and the imaginative abstract drawings from children are ideal for this medium and they are amazed at seeing their creatures (and that of other children) animated on a very large scale.


Drawings can be posted on our Facebook page, or they can be dropped off at Red Gallery (corner of Bridge St. and Haven Rd.). If possible, also include a description or some background information to the drawings.


Artist: Prue Wilson

Inspired by falling leaves and our current climate of consumerism as well as the environmental effects of plastic bags and how they invade and disintegrate in the environment, this installation is constructed from torn fragments of supermarket bags hung in a mass, invading the gallery space.  Constantly changing colours reminiscent of nature are projected onto the work in a loop.

Digital eye

Artist: Delainy Kennedy

Digital Eye is a concept where a video is mapped to a three dimensional structure. The mapped video will depict the new digital age, how this age is changing, the way we go about our daily lives and what this may look like? Utilizing new technology the public will be able to view the pixels of projected light up close or from a distance at various optimal viewpoints.

Elffyre: Flame Art and Fire Dance

Artist: Rewi Bracey


Fire Dance is a celebration of Light and Transformation utilising skilled manipulation of fire through dance and play to create a visually spectacular performance


Artist: Maclean Barker

Photography literally means ‘drawing with light’. These pictures show how objects submerged in streams and in the sea take on a magical new life.  The images will be projected onto a shifting surface, giving an ephemeral quality to the work

Float a Wish: A community arts event for primary school children and their families led by

Artists: Hilary Johnstone and Clint Fern


The artist’s will work with self-selected primary schools to facilitate a community arts event Float a Wish to be held at 5.30pm on July 11th where several hundred primary school children, and their families will release floating lanterns onto the pond at the Queens Gardens containing a wish for their family or community. This project has many links to the school curriculum and

Ice House Fire House

Artist: David Ryan

The installation, to be housed in the historic fire truck building adjacent to the Queens Gardens, comprises video animation projection with original electronic music as well as objects and models with lighting.

The work represents an exchange of observations and meanings between nature, culture and history to create a journey through an environment derived both literally and metaphorically from the alpine and glacier regions where each element is a referential prop to a future dystopia.

Light Dance

Artist: John-Paul Pochin



Light dance is an array of 256 linked lights that float on water. The work can be viewed from the rotunda and the banks of the pond in the Queens Gardens. Through the sequences of lights a memorizing 'story' will unfold.

Thanks to LED Stuff (http://ledstuff.co.nz) for helping to support this project.

Light Painting

Artists: Klaasz Breukel and Daniel Allen



This will be a fun, experimental collaboration between a designer/artist and photographer/director taking place in Queens Gardens and the Nelson CBD at night. Klaasz and Dan will be painting with light using long exposure photography and slow motion video capture while they surround themselves by their own and other light installations during the festival. The experiments recorded will be posted on the Nelson Lights Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LightNelson), the artists’ blogs and at a later stage appear in a publication.


Artist: Anne Rush


Lucent will consist of three large interacting cloud like forms, that will hover and rotate with the slightest breeze above the pond in the Queens Gardens, adjoining the Suter Art Gallery. Sunlight will refract tiny rainbow shards of coloured light by day, and at night be illuminated with ethereal led lighting. The pond below will act as a dark mirror for the reflection of mysterious moving patterns of light.

Nelson School of Music Façade

Artist: J.R Richardson


Illuminating the heritage façade of the Nelson School of Music facility illustrates the link between festivals of light and music to the community. During the dark hours programmed colour and intensity effects will be on display, and during the Winter Arts Festival performances the lighting will synchronize with the stage with pulsating rhythm.


NMIT Creative Industries Projector 101

Artists: Klaasz Breukel


Everyone in Nelson is invited to submit images and videos to artist Klaasz Breukel who will mix and project a selection of entries onto a window of the NMIT Creative Industries building during the festival weekend. You are welcome to submit any films and images you wish to share with the community for this ‘open projector’ project. Please submit DVD’s or USB sticks with your file, name and any additional info at the NMIT Creative Industries reception desk in G Block on Nile Street. Files under 5MB can be emailed to Klaasz via Klaasz@thisisthem.com. There will be no sound so please select video’s that don’t rely on audio. The artist reserves the right to decide which files will be included in the final mix

No Strings Attached - The Adventures of Bernard Cox

Artist: Body and Space Theatre Company


Nelson's professional theatre company, Body in Space, presents an original shadow puppet show. The company are working with master puppeteer, Akiko Miyamoto, and local artists Bridget Sanders and Kirsty Keen, to create moving images that will tell the story of Bernard Cox, a young man who works in his uncle's bicycle shop.

Bernard lives in a crooked little house, with a crooked little door at the end of a crooked little path. Everything seems perfect in his quaint village until one day a large truck rumbles into town... and so it is with a puff of diesel smoke that Bernard's adventure begins! Body in Space present a playful and quirky piece of shadow puppetry that will enchant people of all ages. This production will use the medium of shadow puppetry inspired by the imagery of the night circus.


Artists: Sue Heydon with 50 others including former refugees from Burma and Nepal plus staff and others

This project involves the artist working with a group of former refugees attending an English as a second language class at Victory School who come from Myanmar (Burma), and from Nepal: Kareni (Kayan), Chin, Zomi, and Nepali ethnicity. The project will involve the construction of a village of dwellings, that are constructed from bamboo and paper that are lit like lanterns, that on one level look fairy like, but also suggest the fragility and tenuous nature of life today for many people the world over.

Rainbow in the Dark

Artists: Ben Clegg and Enfys Bellamy

To celebrate the magic of light, we will be immersing the public inside a rainbow. Have you ever been to the base of a rainbow to see if there is any gold?



Artist: Fleur Stewart

A pyramid shaped sculpture of translucent Polyethylene drums, which will by night be lit from within by led lighting.


Artists: Lynda Duncan and Sue Garlick

Seepage is an installation of tiny dwellings lit from within. The dwellings are constructed from waste film negatives that with light, project images on to surrounding surfaces in the Chinese Gardens, distorting shapes to give the impression of habitation on a micro scale.


seep·age [see-pij]
1. the act or process of seeping; leakage.
2. something that seeps or leaks out.
3. a quantity that has seeped out.

spilled light
signs of habitation
out of the corner of your eye
blink and you’ll miss it
ladders, gangways and technology
sprouting from city sky lines

Sink or Swim

Artists: Hilary Johnstone

Taking a view of life as to whether the glass is half full or half empty this project will be viewed from a bridge and be submerged beneath the water below. It will utilize high tech led cable.

Thanks to Nicegear (http://nicegear.co.nz) for helping to support this project.

Space and Earth

Artists: Lori Davis with an outreach education programme for 5 teenagers.


In the dark of the Chinese Gardens during the Light Nelson festival there will be imagery of urban space life and objects that will glow and catch your interest and imagination.

This project is designed and produced by five under 16 teenagers from ‘At your potential educational charitable trust’.

The student are working alongside Lori Davis in her studio at Founders Park to create and complete large-scale images that will be unexpected, effecting the lives and consequent imagery of kids that are challenged by our traditional school and social structures.

The project will be realised in sign writer’s illumination vinyl on a black walls.

The Last Tree

Artist: John-Paul Pochin



The Last Tree represents our destruction of our natural environment. Ironically the last tree is artificial, fabricated from electronics and lights symbolising our tendency to try and fix human generated environmental problems with technology, rather than change our habits. The Last Tree also represents hope (that we can behave more responsibly) by inviting visitors (adults and children) to keep the tree 'alive' by peddling a bicycle attached to an electrical generator. Through changing light, the tree will indicate when it is being powered to health.

Only after the last tree has been cut down.
Only after the last river has been poisoned.
Only after the last fish has been caught.
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Native American saying

Walk Without a Shadow of Doubt

Artist: Kathleen Bartha


Walking Without a Shadow of Doubt is a about reflections and shadows of our human nature. Drawing, painting, photography and digital animation have all been woven together to create this body of work. My aim is to fully integrate my ideas around Art and Technology and to explore every medium available that allows the ink to flow. Having worked as an intaglio printmaker for several years, I see the same issues between fine arts and art reproduction for graphic designers. Although similar principles of design may be considered, more purist forms of art creating have often challenged the reproductive arts. As non-digital art and digital art continue to overlap in my own work I see a way of breaking down some of those barriers. Discovering multi media and creating the video clip ‘Walk Without A Shadow of Doubt’ brought these images to another level of art making. Taking simple imagery and bringing it alive with sound and movement is a relatively new direction for me. Again pushing my own boundaries, opening doors for opportunities to show the work in public places is what inspires me.