Walk Without a Shadow of Doubt

Artist: Kathleen Bartha


Walking Without a Shadow of Doubt is a about reflections and shadows of our human nature. Drawing, painting, photography and digital animation have all been woven together to create this body of work. My aim is to fully integrate my ideas around Art and Technology and to explore every medium available that allows the ink to flow. Having worked as an intaglio printmaker for several years, I see the same issues between fine arts and art reproduction for graphic designers. Although similar principles of design may be considered, more purist forms of art creating have often challenged the reproductive arts. As non-digital art and digital art continue to overlap in my own work I see a way of breaking down some of those barriers. Discovering multi media and creating the video clip ‘Walk Without A Shadow of Doubt’ brought these images to another level of art making. Taking simple imagery and bringing it alive with sound and movement is a relatively new direction for me. Again pushing my own boundaries, opening doors for opportunities to show the work in public places is what inspires me.