No Strings Attached - The Adventures of Bernard Cox

Artist: Body and Space Theatre Company

Nelson's professional theatre company, Body in Space, presents an original shadow puppet show. The company are working with master puppeteer, Akiko Miyamoto, and local artists Bridget Sanders and Kirsty Keen, to create moving images that will tell the story of Bernard Cox, a young man who works in his uncle's bicycle shop.

Bernard lives in a crooked little house, with a crooked little door at the end of a crooked little path. Everything seems perfect in his quaint village until one day a large truck rumbles into town... and so it is with a puff of diesel smoke that Bernard's adventure begins! Body in Space present a playful and quirky piece of shadow puppetry that will enchant people of all ages. This production will use the medium of shadow puppetry inspired by the imagery of the night circus.