Float a Wish

Artists: Hilary Johnstone and Clint Fern, Nelson

Website: http://www.floatawish.co.nz

Following last years highly successful inaugural event join with other primary schools for the second annual mid winter exhibition of light!

Opening the 2014 LIGHT NELSON festival at Queens Gardens Thursday 3rd July at 6 o’clock, Float a Wish is a schools community art project.

This year, we’re widening the event to allow combined class built vessels as well as individual ones. Also instead of just raft style lanterns we’re encouraging other styles such as decorated paper plates, puka leaf rafts and any other, biodegradable base – check out for some ideas.


Artist: Fleur Stewart, Nelson

A kiwi classic with a twist – this ingenious flock of internally illuminated sheep surrounded by an electric farm fence, gives a quirky nod to our farming roots.

Jeu PlayJeu Play

Performances are at 7pm and 8.30pm each night

Artist: Interrupt Collective - Harry Silver, Producer

Jeu Play is an interactive digital art and music installation which the audience has open access to explore, perform and interact with. The work invites the audience to play with surprising instruments discovering a colourful universe of immersive sound.

living loopsSpiral Technica’s Living Loops

Artist: Ryan Walker and Karl Wulff, Dunedin

Website: http://www.spiraltechnica.com

This digital living wall of light patterns tracks the movement of glowing objects in space. Digital light trails of the objects are projected onto a screen and manipulated to create ever-changing visuals. The audience will be invited to try out the installation.

Ships Pass in the NightShips Pass in the Night

Artist: Nelson Art Club

Website: http://nelsonartclub.wikispaces.com

Locals from timeless inhabitants to the freshly arrived recreate stories of the place they walk and broader migration tales through a swirl of shadow and light in the Rose Gardens (former Eel pond). Communities are invited to participate by contributing stories online, then to play out the performance by walking through the work and exchanging artefacts of the stories shared.

There is a GardenThere is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer and the morning more fragrant than ever again.

Artists: Sue Garlick and Lynda Duncan, Nelson

Website: http://www.facebook.com/duncangarlickcollaborations

An enchanted garden, motion and sound activated, created using recycled glass vessels, plastic, fibre optic cable and LED lights. Glowing and pulsing in the darkness, these worlds will draw you in to discover more.

Painting with Sate-lightsPainting with Sate-Lights

Artist: John-Paul Pochin, Nelson

Websites: http://moments.co.nz, http://lightlimited.com

One of three projects linked by the theme of surveillance: How much of our movement is being tracked ?

A constantly changing abstract 'painting' is projected onto a the side of a building. The painting is created using the movements of people running a cell phone app which tracks their position as they move around the park.

The app can be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lightlimited.paintingbysatelights

(Sorry, the app is currently only available for Android devices)

Intermodal GatewayIntermodal Gateway

Artists: NZIA Nelson/Marlborough Branch

Website: www.nzia.co.nz

The Bridge Street entry to Albion Square is set to become a key gateway when a humble shipping container is placed at the opening. Viewers will pass through amid mirrored walls; overhead will be a translucent, backlit, undulating 'terrain' to guide the way through the space.



Nelson Cathedral 5.30pm 11th-13th

Artists: Paul Hargreaves, Ryan Beehre, Brendon Grant, Nelson

Set inside the Nelson Cathedral a three-piece electronic band will entertain with 2 sessions of 20 minutes of music and light each evening. Music will be played with cathedral bells in real time, along with vintage analogue synthesizers, drum machines and effects.

milk collectionMilk Collection

Artist: Jon Neill, Nelson

A walk down memory lane to a bygone era, when milk bottles were put out each evening down at the letterbox. These rustic letterboxes and milk bottles mystically glow in the dark.

taniaA Midwinter Night’s Dream

Artist: Tania Marsden, Nelson

Website: http://www.Taniamarsden.com

A Nelson Fire Club performance with black-light costumes, along with a participation project for all ages. Have fun with poi, staffs, juggling balls and so on and learn some impressive safe, basic moves.

Exotica at the Eel PondExotica at the Eel Pond

Artist: Janet Bathgate, Nelson

Websites: http://janetbathgate.com, http://janetbathgateART.com

This work references the evolution of introductions to New Zealand (plants, animals, language, design, cultural traditions). New Zealand today has one of the greatest ethnic diversities of all countries in the world. The Queen's Gardens reflects diversity, with its mix of Mahitahi ox-bow lake eel pond, Victorian garden design, Chinese garden design, plant species from all corners of the globe – and for Light Nelson, decorations of digital technology. What mix of culture, fashion and technology will determine its future?

let there be light

Let There Be Light

Artist: Anthony Genet, Nelson

Website: http://www.flamedaisy.co.nz

A neon and steel animated sign. In 1878 Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb, and so, at the click of a switch, we all have the opportunity to have the power of the gods.

Lucent IILucent II

Artist: Anne Rush, Nelson

Website: http://annerush.co.nz

A family of elongated diaphanous and transparent forms suspended above the Ox-bow pond in the Queen’s Gardens, that rotate, sway, tremble and oscillate with the displacement of air. In sunlight they are luminous, refracting rainbow-coloured light; by night they become mysterious, ethereal forms, mirrored in the black pond below.

Heigh ho HoihoTianma – Heigh ho Hoiho

Artist: Bridgette Murphy, Northern Manawatu

Website: http://www.rangienviroartscentre.org

Inspired by the forthcoming Year of the Horse, this roaming installation is a union of the ancient and modern – the horse that used to walk the paths unfettered and the bicycle that is the mode of free travel today and tomorrow, a means to navigate the mean streets of the urban jungle moving faster than the fossil fuelled cars that sit and belch their noxious fumes.


Artists: Ben Clegg, Grayham Forscutt, Golden Bay

Website: http://www.rgb-lighting.net

Walk on water to the Riwaka Resurgence. This magical interactive installation incorporates 3D film projection with laser and video.


The Talking Trees

Artists: Cliff Fell, Rachel Bush, Lindsay Pope. NMIT Creative Writing students: Matt Brophy, Amber Cawthorne, Howard Gaukrodger, Erika Isaksen, Anonymous, and Dennah Lloyd. Anne Rush (installation artist), Arborists from TREESCAPE and Brad Cadwallader Tree Consultancy.

Website: http://nmit.ac.nz

This partnership project with an extended life uses poetry, light and smart phone technology to bring the story of heritage trees in the area to life. The stories will be written by NMIT Creative Writing students.


Listen to the trees tell their story through the cell phone app Stqry.

I'm Going BatsI’m Going Bats

Artist: Lori Davis, Nelson

Website: http://loridavis.co.nz

A group of glow-in-the-dark vinyl endangered species bats and their predators will be found hanging among the trees. This environmental statement highlights the increasing awareness of the threat to long-tailed bats in New Zealand. The bulk of the bats will be made as part of a youth project, but there will also be an opportunity for the public to make their own bats too.

west of the moonWest of the Moon

Artist: Linda Nichols, Nelson

The Hanging Gardens of Nelson. An everyday household object is transformed. An installation of mini-hanging gardens made inside light bulbs, illuminated from within.

eelThe Eel Pond Project

Artists: Cliff Fell (poet), John Irwin (film-maker), Nelson

Website: http://nmit.ac.nz

Sited on and around the pond in the Chinese Gardens, Cliff Fell’s award-winning L’Anima Verde (The Green Soul) accompanies a projection of eels by film-maker John Irwin. This captivating collaboration pays homage to the historic significance of eels to this site.


Artist: Jacob Barrow

Website: http://jacobbarrow3d.com

Zenith is an interactive Virtual Reality installation created using the latest cutting edge Virtual Reality technology and hardware. Immersed in a 3d virtual environment the goal is to jump between platforms and manouver up into the sky above. The terrain is generated randomly every time the level begins giving a unique experience each time you play. The public will be able to engage in this experience and jump into the virtual world of Zenith. The projected game play is viewed by the public, while the players navigate and interact with Zenith’s unique experience.

wiretapWire Tap

Artist: John-Paul Pochin, Nelson

Websites: http://moments.co.nz, http://lightlimited.com

One of three projects linked by a surveillance theme. Who is spying on us when we talk on the telephone ?

This interactive laser projection visualises sound and allows everybody to see the voice of the 'caller'.

Starburst Neon Cabbage Tree

Starburst Neon Cabbage Tree

Artist: Anthony Genet, Nelson

Website: http://www.flamedaisy.co.nz

A fusion of prowess with neon and recycled materials and a little bit of alchemy, this 4m tall neon cabbage tree simulates the starburst of radiating flares emitting from an exploding firework.


Artist: Sam Laidlaw, Nelson

Is the water in the eelpond disappearing? This installation utilises black light to create the appearance of water going down the plughole, or a tornado.

UINU.I.N (United Intergalactic Network)

Artist: Delainy Kennedy, Sam Hodgson, Rubix, Auckland

Website: http://rubix.kiwi.nz

Leading the audience on a visual representationn of the digital landscape inside the Internet. Unlocking a world where the difference between fact and fiction becomes blurred. Revealing the cyber land, where the confines of reality are no more. The Intergalactic Network uses visual and audio representations through projection mapping, and 3D sound to explore the hidden realm of signals, protocols and the dark efficiency of such a machine. Can a network with so many endless possibilities be controlled? Look deep into the dark reaches of the World Wide Web, and see what secrets it has install for us.

Facial RecognitionFacial Recognition

Artist: John-Paul Pochin, Nelson

Websites: http://moments.co.nz, http://lightlimited.com

One of three projects linked by a surveillance theme: How many companies and organisations know what we look like and what are they doing with that information ?

Facial recognition is now used in everything from our cell phones and Facebook to surveillance cameras that check our terrorist status or just what we buy. This project demonstrates how little information our brains need to be able to see a face in a pattern through an array of 256 LED balls configured in the shape of a simple mask. The project is a nod to Kim Merry and the Mask Parade. In that case, the mask is designed to give people the confidence to be free and be themselves. Surveillance has the opposite effect.

Fence ArtUV Fence Art

Artist: Klaasz Breuke, Nelson

Website: http://www.thisisthem.com

An interactive installation for all ages. A chain-link fence will be filled with fluorescent and white paper cups which can be repositioned to create new patterns, shapes or words within the grid of the fence.

Dancing LightsDancing Lights

Artist: Poorneta Saraswati, Nelson

Make the lights dance with this participatory installation. A centrally lit column, activated by pulling handles, will transform the trees as bands and points of light are reflected onto the surrounding foliage.

madhattersThe Mad Hatters

Artist: Larisse Hall Art Class, Nelson

Website: http://www.larissehall.co.nz

Enjoy the Children’s Art Club project - twelve illuminated mad hats, made from recycled materials, hanging from the trees. This interactive installation will provide the opportunity to have some great photos taken.

Lighter Than Light

Artists: Pam Coleman and Amber Trill

A cluster of floating helium balloons illuminated from the inside with coloured glow sticks, tethered above The Suter courtyard.