In collaboration with the Te PÄ«tau Whakarei class at Nelson Intermediate School and Alice Robin of the Boathouse Community Choir, the traditional Maori story of Papa and Rangi is told using static images and a laser projection depicting characters/events in the story. The soundtrack is provided by the Boathouse Community Choir.

John-Paul Pochin is a digital artist, photographer and one of the founders of Light Nelson.

'The Story' drawings by Nelson Intermediate children: Secret-Rose, Kaia, Antoinette, Hine, Bella, Wiremu, Reece, Keelan, Dre, Bennett, Morpheus, Hoani, Ethan, Teone, Kenneth, Renata

Thanks to the members of the Community Choir: Alice Robin, Guy Redmond, Anne Chilcott, Brenda Black, Chris Timms, Cornelia Baumgartner, Doreen Newport, Emily Whinney, Franceska Francina, Graham Elder, Heather Arnold, Heather Thomas, Helen McDonnell, Helen Tapper, Jacquetta Bell, Jan Trayes, Jane Couch, Jane Morrison, Janet Adamson, Jeanette Cook, Jeanette Sherlock, Jenny Beeson, Leigh Dalzell, Lincoln Mackenzie, Linda Holloway, Linda McDougall, Linda Moll, Linley Taylor, Liz Coulter, Lyn Trolove, Maggie Horne, Margaret Brewster, Margot Fletcher, Marilyn Griffin, Martin Hartman, Mary Alison, Mary Wilson, Paul Fox, Phil Inness, Phillippa Boyd, Pippy McFadden, Renee Lang, Ruth Suckling, Simon Pascoe, Spencer Griffin, Sue Boffa, Suzanne Orchard, Sytske Wright, Tanya White, Valerie Schroeder, Wendy Sawyer and Wendy Wilson