This is a collaborative project representing the integration of the former refugees from Burma into the Nelson community. The Kayan weavers created ceremonial banners incorporating conductive thread allowing electronics and LEDs to be sewn in. The tungs surround a ‘campfire’ and react using patterns of light to the music played by musicans from different cultures in our community, including Kayan musicians playing instruments made in the refugee camps from whatever waste materials could be found.  
John-Paul Pochin is a digital artist, photographer and was one of the Light Nelson founders. Dr. Kay Sneddon founded the Sukita project to preserve the art and handicrafts of refugee and migrant cultures.

Weavers: Mu Bar, Mu Lar, Ma Li

Bamboo builders: Mark Soper, Maung Hla Pan, Shar Reh, Mom Mi, La Bu Pan, La Per, Ross Sneddon, John-Paul Pochin

Sewers and solderers: Penny Sturrock, Erica Leather, Amy Hofman, Julie Catchpole, Betty Sinclair, Moana Lee, Mark Soper, Sarah Reeling, Ros Pochin, Jonathan Neill, Chris Mason, Tammy Reynolds,  Maria Julkunen, Galoyan Newport, Gerald Hargreaves, Mary Hargreaves, Elizabeth Mead, Te Aroha Knox, Tania Marsdenm, Arlene Akhlag, Ronnie Martin, Judith Gerritsa, Maria Rollin, Gregory Meister, John-Paul Pochin

Musicians: Li Lina, Law Ren, Ma Li, La Ngi, Moe Noi, Mu Phou Pete Rainey, Jane Fisher, Kyi Win Htain, Leo Barrer, Roger Sanders, Sophie Cooper, Jarden Crafar, Tanya Nock, Antonia, Greg Douche

Camplight Concept Artwork: Jaree Jaimook

Kayan and Thai Interpreters and coordinators: Zember Peh and Kay Sneddon