Victorian Nelson's port was haunted by sailing ships, plying local and global waters for the rapidly changing city. Dive into this world with your mobile device, piecing together a mystery that moves fluidly between centuries. Find clues to explore a tale of intrigue through the old city and shifting shoreline around to the port.

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The artists gratefully acknowledge and thank; Light Nelson Trust, Lyn Russell, Ang, Luna and Blake & Graeme Smith, Andy Colley, Robert Smith, Fiona and Theo, Gus & Hue BibbySmiths, Helen Bibby, Elspeth Macdonald, Amelia Johnston, Al Wilkie, Andrew Hornblow, Riverside Pool staff, Naked Eye Films
Physical Sites: Lucinda Blackley-Jimson at Nelson Provincial Museum | Pupuri Taonga o Te Tai Ao, Fleur & Ian at Wills Jewellers, Ann at Casa Del Vino, Ali at The Boathouse, Ann at The Refinery, Maria Anderson and Sally Papps at Founders Heritage Park, Darryl Gallagher and Matt Frost at Isel Park Research Facility and NPM Tech staff Jim Mackay & Anthony Genet