Glow-in the-dark installation with a conservation message

New light will be shone on local conservation efforts when a glow-in-the-dark installation is switched on.

Brook Sanctuary and local artists Lori Davis and Larisse Hall are putting out a conservation message during Light Nelson.

The Nelson artists are asking for the help of the community to put together a glow-in-the-dark installation for the upcoming light festival which kicks off in July.

It sees dozens of light inspired works grace the paths of Queens Gardens for a week of winter festivities.

The project is called Nocturnal and is inspired by the Waimarama Brook Sanctuary's conservation efforts to protect native species.

The installation will be made out of cardboard boxes with New Zealand's native species and pests painted on them. 

Davis said they aim to make the installation out of 150 boxes, stacked in 20 rows of seven boxes, like "totem poles" lighted up with UV lights. 

Children can pick up a starter kit for $5 at Office Max, which includes the necessary crafty tools to make the glow-in-the-dark piece of art, including a cardboard box.

Full Stuff Article - 24 May 2016